Finding Replacement Keys for Your AWP

How to Find the Correct Replacement Machine Keys for Your Aerial Lift

In the world of aerial lifts, losing or damaging keys means significant downtime and operational delays. To help, the following aims to guide you through the process of finding replacement keys for your aerial lifts and other aerial work platforms (AWPs), ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow. 

Understanding the Importance of the Right AWP Replacement Key

AWPs, like any heavy machinery, require specific keys for operation. Using the correct key is crucial for safety and functionality. As a result, the first step in finding the correct replacement key is knowing the make and model of your aerial lift.

What are the risks of using a non-compatible replacement key for an AWP?

    Using a non-compatible replacement key for an AWP creates several potential risks, such as:

    1. Inoperability of Safety Features: Some AWPs utilize safety features that are controlled by the key, such as the ability to override the upper controls in an emergency. Using a non-compatible key may render these safety features inoperable, potentially compromising the ability to respond to emergencies.
    2. Unsafe Operation: If the replacement key does not properly engage the lift's controls, it can lead to unsafe operation, increasing the risk of accidents such as tip-overs, ejections, or entanglements.
    3. Non-compliance with Manufacturer's Specifications: Using a non-compatible key may violate the manufacturer's specifications for the safe operation of the AWP, potentially leading to legal and regulatory non-compliance if an incident were to occur.

    To mitigate these risks, it is essential to ensure that any replacement key used for an AWP is compatible with the specific make and model of the equipment. This can be achieved by verifying the part number, design, and features of the replacement key, as well as consulting with the lift's manufacturer or a qualified supplier to confirm its compatibility.

    How can you tell if a replacement key is compatible with my AWP?

      To determine if a replacement key is compatible with your AWP, then the following steps will help identify the information needed to find a compatible key.

      1. Check the Manufacturer's Part Number: Verify if the replacement key's part number matches the part number provided by the manufacturer for your specific AWP model. This information is usually available in the manual or can be obtained from the manufacturer.
      2. Verify the Key's Design and Features: Compare the design and features of the replacement key with the original key. Ensure that the key's blade, notches, and any electronic components match those of the original key.
      3. Consult the Supplier's Product Description: Review the product description provided by the supplier. It should specify the brands and models for which the key is suitable. For example, our inventory of replacement keys includes the specific lift brands that the keys fit, such as JLG, Genie, SkyJack, Snorkel, and Upright.

      Replacement keys for aerial lifts and other AWPs are available from various suppliers, such as Aerial Equipment Parts, and are used for different types of lifts, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, and manlifts. By taking the time to properly find a compatible replacement key with your specific model, then you’ll expedite any downtime and ensure the safe and proper use of the machine.

      Where to Find Replacement Keys

      Working with AWPs can be dangerous because they are powerful machines. As a result, when looking to find a replacement key it is important to remember to never attempt to operate an aerial lift with a makeshift or incorrect key. Doing so can be dangerous and potentially damage the machinery, along with potentially putting yourself and other people in the area at risk. To help, the following options are good places to find a proper replacement key.

      • Manufacturer or Authorized Dealer: The most reliable source for replacement keys is the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. They can provide keys that are guaranteed to work with your specific model.
      • Online Retailers: There are various online retailers, like Aerial Equipment Parts, that specialize in replacement keys for AWPs, including aerial lifts. Be sure to ensure the retailer is reputable and offers keys compatible with your lift's model.
      • Local Hardware Stores: Some hardware stores may carry generic keys that could work with your lift. This is a less reliable option but could be useful in a pinch. 

      Additionally, understanding the general price range of replacement keys will help validate the source. For example, if an online retailer has a much higher price, it may be a warning sign that the team does not have the proper experience to help answer any of your questions.

      The average cost of replacement keys for aerial lifts varies depending on the brand and the quantity of keys purchased. Generally, the following price ranges are pretty standard:

      • A pack of 10 keys for a specific brand may cost around $9.90 USD.
      • A single key for a brand may cost between $3.00 to $6.97 USD.

      These prices provide a general idea of the average cost of replacement keys for aerial lifts. It's important to note that the cost can vary based on the brand, type, and quantity of keys purchased.

      Aerial Equipment Parts Provides Replacement Keys for the Leading AWPs

      As part of maintaining aerial lifts, ensure your operations are fully stocked with replacement parts to keep your team fully functioning. Fortunately, Aerial Equipment Parts offers a huge selection of replacement lift equipment, including replacement keys for all types of aerial lifts. Our inventory includes parts that fit all major brands, including JLG, Genie, Skyjack, and Snorkel lifts. Plus, we offer our products at the most competitive prices on the market and are shipped fast from our warehouse in the United States!  

      Finally, please feel free to contact our team at Aerial Equipment, where you can speak with an experienced person with years of industry knowledge, if you have any questions about replacement keys or any other aerial lift parts. If you need to replace any of your aerial lift parts, then search our inventory to find the right part for your lift today. For any aerial lift equipment questions, contact us today at 303-704-7000 or


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