Aerial Equipment Manuals

Aerial lifts provide a mobile and elevated working platform that allows workers to complete tasks at varying heights. Without aerial lift equipment, construction and other building projects would remain extremely difficult or virtually impossible. Unfortunately, those working within the construction industry encounter safety risks that are not common for other professions. For example, workers that require aerial equipment to complete their day-to-day functions remain susceptible falls. Sadly, falls kill 200 U.S. construction workers each year.

But, there is plenty of good news that the industry can do to prevent accidents. For example, failure to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards for safety and inspection remains the most common citation following deaths due to falls. Take the initiative to hold your aerial lift equipment to a high standard. As a result, you can help prevent injury to your workers and possibly even save a life.

Don’t be a statistic!

Educate yourself and your team with the proper safety measures while operating your aerial lift equipment. Fortunately, the major lift manufacturers provide ample resources and information to ensure the proper and safe use of their products. To help facilitate this education, please find below some of the most common aerial lift manuals for the leading brands in the industry.