Signet Chargers

If you own a scissor lift, you are well aware of the need to keep your lift well maintained. As part of routine maintenance, this means you need a reliable battery charger. Signet chargers are among the most trusted chargers on the market because the company focuses on continuous R&D. As a result, Signet provides various technologies such as switching mode battery chargers and other high-quality products. Signet battery chargers work with numerous scissor lift manufacturers, such as JLG, Skyjack, and Genie. Therefore, Signet chargers provide a universal solution for the leading scissor lifts on the market.

More About Signet Systems, Inc.

Signet Systems, Inc. was established in 1998 and immediately introduced the first water-resistant switching charger (and inverter). The introduction of the new devices earned Signet a reputation as an innovator in the power electronic industry. In addition to scissor lifts, Signet chargers are utilized with electric wheelchairs, utility vehicles, golf carts, along with other small electronically powered devices. Finally, Signet Systems focuses on R&D in order to provide environmentally friendly solutions to the market.

“We are very concerned for our natural environment, therefore; we continuously strive to reach better solutions to decrease the pollutions on our earth and to conserve our natural source of energy. We are dedicated to develop and provide high-quality industrial power energy technologies for both people and the environment in order to enhance the quality of people’s lives while preserving our environment and natural resources. Our research and development forces are relentlessly working on a better solution in energy such as solar power and fuel cell, assuming greater prominence for better tomorrow.”

Signet Battery Chargers

At Aerial Equipment Parts, we carry Signet products as part of our vast amount of inventory. In particular, the on-board battery charger for scissor lifts from Signet is a great product because it works with the leading scissor lift brands. For more on Signet battery chargers, check our manual resources page here.