Motor Controllers

Motor Controller for Your Aerial Lift

At Aerial Equipment Parts, we maintain a vast inventory of replacement motor controllers for your aerial lifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts. From Skyjack and AEP, we offer replacement motor controllers to ensure your lifts continues to operate safely. Additionally, all of our motor controllers are brand new and direct from the factory, so you can be assured your equipment continues to operate correctly.

Finally, whether you own just one aerial lift or an entire fleet, you need a reliable motor for your machine to function properly. As a result, you need access to reliable motor controllers on hand to keep your machines in action. Below, you’ll find our full line of replacement motor controllers for aerial, boom and scissor lifts. Plus, our inventory meets the highest quality standards and are available here for low prices. Please contact our team at Aerial Equipment if you have any questions about these motor controllers or any other aerial lift parts.