Protecting Your Floors Using Diapers & Tire Covers

If you’ve ever operated an aerial lift, you’re probably aware of the damage they can cause to the surface where they’re parked. Whether by tire scuffs or dripping hydraulic fluid and oil, this damage may not seem like a big deal – but it can quickly create unsightly stains and marks on your floors and/or be a slip hazard. Keep your surfaces clean and avoid drips by using lift diapers and lift tire covers on your machinery. Not only will you avoid those unsightly marks and stains, but you can also be sure no one will get hurt by slipping on accumulated fluid on your workspace floors.

All About Lift Diapers

Lift diapers are heavy-duty sheets that absorb any and all drips from underneath your aerial lift. They attach beneath your lift using bungee cords that reach up along the sides. Install by laying out the diaper on open ground with the pad side facing up. Then slowly drive your lift over the diaper and park it so that the diaper is centered beneath it and between the tires. Attached the diaper's bungee cords to all four sides of the lift.  Make sure the bungees aren’t attached to any moving parts on the machine. Our diapers require NO cutting. Everything is included.

The absorbing pads in these diapers are replaceable so you can switch them out as necessary without getting a whole new diaper. These pads can absorb almost a gallon of liquid. Here at Aerial Equipment Parts, our lift diapers are mildew resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant and able to withstand sub-zero temperatures. They’re custom made to fit your specific model of lift to ensure every drop is scooped up.

Whether you’ve got a newly installed surface, operate your machine in a food processing plant or want to ensure you avoid slip hazards, lift diapers are the perfect, no-fuss solution.

All About Tire Covers

The next measure you can take to protect your floors from aerial lift damage is to install tire covers on the rubber tires of your lifts. They’re easy to put in place and won’t slip off the tires, even as you operate your machinery. Just stretch on half of the cover over the top of each tire, then drive your machine so the tires turn halfway and stretch the remaining half of the cover over the rest of the tire.

Here at Aerial Equipment Parts, we offer high-grade ballistic nylon tire covers for smaller machines and a HD ballistic-strength nylon poly blend for the larger lifts. Our tire covers are made according to the specific tire on your machine to ensure they fit properly.

By installing tire covers on the tires of your aerial lifts, you’ll save yourself time and money by preventing any damage from your tires marking surfaces. Even no-scuff tires don’t eliminate all marks, so it’s important to use these covers for full protection.

While working with aerial lifts, it’s extremely important to adhere to all safety regulations and err on the side of caution so that no one gets hurt – and slipping on oil is one potential hazard that can be easily avoided with the use of a lift diaper. You can also protect your floors with tire covers and diapers for less maintenance and a cleaner facility. Reach out to us at Aerial Equipment Parts for any questions you have about tire covers and lift diapers.