Scissor Lift Tire Covers Protect Your Work Space

As all scissor lift operators know, they can really ruin your work space. From scuff marks to dripping fluids, aerial lifts can cause some significant damage to your floors over time. In particular, as operators use scissor lifts inside, such as in warehouses, these aerial lifts leave scuff marks and even drip fluids. For example, small scissor lifts conducting building maintenance require lots of turns risking plenty of marks on the floors. Even electric scissor lifts, which are ideal for indoor use because they reduce the reliance on fluids, still mark up floors. Plus, mid rise lifts utilized in the auto industry certainly risk dripping fluids. Finally, hydraulic scissor lifts and most used scissor lifts rely on fluids to work properly, which definitely means fluid loss that most likely stains your work space. Fortunately, floor protection materials, such as scissor lift tire covers or even drip diapers help eliminate this problem and keep your space looking fresh. 

What are scissor lift tire covers?

First and foremost, one of the best ways to protect your work space from scissor lift damage are tire covers. Scissor lift tire covers offer an additional layer of protection against rubber tires. Simply install the scissor lift tire covers over the rubber tires. 

“To do, simply stretch on half of the cover over the top of each tire, then drive your machine so the tires turn halfway and stretch the remaining half of the cover over the rest of the tire.”

Plus, the leading tire covers are made from heavy duty materials and are customizable to fit any tire size from any scissor lift brand. Another important note about scissor lift tire covers is their ease of use. This also means operators can continue using their scissor lift with tire covers on at the same time. Yes, tire covers continue to protect your floor while you use the lift!

Certainly scissor lift tire covers help protect floors from scuff marks and other damage due to rubber tires. But, lifts also cause other damage, such as leaking fluids. For example, drip diapers are heavy-duty sheets that absorb any and all drips from underneath your aerial lift. Fortunately, you and your team can follow the same installation process for any types of drip diapers. Whether you’ve got a newly installed surface, operate your machine in a food processing plant or want to ensure you avoid slip hazards, drip diapers are the perfect, no-fuss solution. 

Can Aerial Equipment Parts help protect my floors? 

It is important to note that every time a scissor lift is used, it may not cause much damage. However, over time, if the lift is used in the same place, the fluids and tire marks buildup on floors or work spaces. Therefore, by installing scissor lift tire covers, you’ll save yourself time and money by preventing any damage from your tires marking surfaces. After all, even no-scuff tires don’t eliminate all marks, so it’s important to use these tire covers for full protection.


Aerial Equipment Parts offers multiple types of scissor lift tire covers, along with tire cover socks and drip diapers. While working with scissor lifts or any aerial lifts, remember to heed all safety regulations. For example, slipping on oil is one potential hazard! As a result, tire covers, along with drip diapers provide a cost effective approach towards workplace safety, while also reducing your maintenance costs.

Finally, Aerial Equipment Parts offers a huge selection of replacement lift equipment, including drip diapers and tire covers for all types of scissor lifts. Our extensive inventory includes high-grade ballistic nylon tire covers for smaller aerial devices. Or for larger machines, our inventory includes tire covers made from HD ballistic-strength nylon poly blend. And, as expected, all of our tire covers are consistent with industry standards and are made according to the specific tire on your machine to ensure they fit properly. 

When looking to protect your floors or replace any aerial lift parts, then keep Aerial Equipment Parts in mind. We maintain a vast inventory with replacement lift parts for all major brands, including JLG, Genie, SkyJack and Snorkel lifts. If you need to replace any of your aerial lift parts, then search our inventory to find the right part for your lift today. For any aerial lift equipment questions, contact us today at 303-704-7000 or