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S3290 Rt Diaper For Snorkel

S3290 Rt Diaper For Snorkel

AEP# Snorkel diaper-S3290 RT  Fits Snorkel

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AEP#: Snorkel diaper-S3290 RT

Category: Drip Diapers

Condition: New, Aftermarket

Weight: 8 lb


Protect both your crew and workspace floors from dangerous spills and unsightly stains with a Snorkel S3290 RT diaper from Aerial Equipment Parts. We offer a huge inventory of floor protection drip diapers for all brands, including Snorkel. Our drip diapers for Snorkel help absorb any hydraulic oil leaks that can create slip hazards or stain your floors.

Our Snorkel S3290 RT drip diapers are the highest quality you can purchase and go above and beyond what our competitors offer. They are heavy duty, flexible, and made of a custom poly blend that will not freeze or crack. Each S3290 RT diaper fits under the belly of the machine, installs in minutes, and is designed to work with each lift's unique pot hole protection system, when equipped. This means, when installed correctly, you will be able to drive with the pot holes down.

Why go with economy diapers or cheaply made tarps, when our Snorkel S3290 RT diaper comes with the absorbent pad installed, bungees attached, and is custom made to each machine. Contact our team at Aerial Equipment Parts if you have any questions about this Snorkel drip diaper or any other aerial lift parts!


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  • American-Made Quality

    Rely on our USA-made drip diapers for robust floor protection. Ideal for preventing hydraulic oil leaks and maintaining worksite cleanliness.

  • Custom Fit for Maximum Protection

    Tailor-made to fit each lift’s pot hole protection system, ensuring efficient, leak-proof coverage and a cleaner job site.

  • Advanced Absorption Technology

    Our drip diapers feature replaceable pads and absorb oil and fluids, keeping your job site clean and safe.


Why Buy Replacement Parts for Snorkel Equipment From Aerial Equipment Parts?

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AEP’s knowledgeable staff has real world experience with the S3290 Rt Diaper For Snorkel and other Snorkel replacement parts.

Call 303-704-7000 and talk to a real person.

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AEP can help identify most parts on your aerial work platform. Call us with your model and serial number and we can help look up the correct replacement part for your lift.

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Why do AEP's parts meet or exceed the original equipment manufactures? Because we do not cut corners on quality and reliability.

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Replacement Parts for Snorkel Equipment

The maintenance of machinery is the key to longevity of use. Ensuring all parts are in working order provides the protection of equipment for extended functionality. Snorkel is a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms, and Aerial Equipment Parts proudly stocks platform lift parts to keep Snorkel lifts operating at peak performance.

Art Moore founded Snorkel in 1959 producing equipment that helped firefighters shoot large amounts of water onto flames as high as 85 feet off the ground. From its founding, Snorkel has provided articulating booms and more designed with quality and safety in mind. As a result, Snorkel places quality at the forefront of its company culture. In fact, the company incorporates quality standards within every facet of their organization, including the leadership, operations and customer service teams. Snorkel believes in holding themselves to the highest standards ultimately delivers the highest quality products.

Due to the focus on quality, Snorkel operates under a manufacturing philosophy that ensure its products deliver. As the company shares, “All new machines are designed and built from heavy-duty steel so that they can be easily remanufactured, maximizing the total life of the product, and ultimately reducing waste.”

Browse our pages for Snorkel lift parts. Whether you need parts for an aerial or boom lift, Aerial Equipment Parts has all of the valves, relays and joystick controllers needed to keep your Snorkel lift working. We offer all that’s needed to replace or upgrade important components for Snorkel platform lifts. We’ve also made available a number of Snorkel decals to meet industry requirements and provide safety for operators. Buy Snorkel lift parts with Aerial Equipment Parts at some of the most competitive prices online, and enjoy fast and easy global shipping!

Replacement Drip Diapers for Aerial Lifts & Equipment

Lift diapers are heavy-duty sheets that absorb any and all drips from underneath your aerial lift. attach beneath your lift using bungee cords that reach up along the sides. nstall by laying out on open ground with the pad side facing up. Then slowly drive your lift over the diaperark it so that the diaper is centered beneath it and between the tires. ttach the diaper's bungee cords to all four sides of the lift. ake sure the bungees aren’t attached to any moving parts on the machine. Our diapers require NO cutting. Everything is included. Our diapers fit better, and last longer. We guarantee it.